By Regine Ho, Programme Coordinator of Epworth Student Care Centre @ ACS(J)

The Tree of Respect

A fun-filled March holiday was organised for the students of Epworth Student Care Centre at ACS(J). Much effort was put into planning and executing programmes to recap the Character Development Programme (CDP) topics for the first quarter of the year.

Engaging activities were prepared to instil values such as, responsibility, respect, creativity, and curiosity in students. One of the activity was to decorate a “Tree of Respect”. Each tree included cut out leaves that indicated examples of how they can show respect in their lives. For example, how to show care and concern for others, and acknowledge others’ feelings, differences, and their qualities.

Masks of ACS(J) SCC

As humans, we tend to portray different sides of ourselves depending on the situation and environment. However, this can be extremely exhausting, whether for children, young
adolescents or even adults.

Inspired by the community project called Masks of Singapore by, students were tasked to design and decorate their own white masquerade masks. The activity aimed to enable the students to reflect and become more in touch with their true self. Students first planned their design before painting and decorating their masks. From the colours used, to the different strokes and shapes painted on, even the teachers were impressed by how creative and bold the students were!

Science Is All Around Us!

Students participated in an experiment that taught them how basic household items have different elements and compounds that can create interesting results.

With the supervision of their teachers, each student was given a DIY volcano kit which put their coordination, and balance skills to the test. The enthusiasm from the students as they experimented and observed the results throughout the activity was evident.

It was a memorable time spent together during the March holidays!

Masks of Singapore,,