About us

Epworth Community Services is a Social Service Agency (SSA) that helps at-risk and disadvantaged children and youths. We want to create a better world for them so that they can develop their potential. We will continue to be guided by our vision: “Strong Families, Resilient Living, Beautiful Minds”. Our work focuses on promoting the mental well-being of children and youths by building strong families and imparting skills for resilient living. In particular, we will grow our strength in trauma care to realise our aim of becoming a Centre of Excellence for Trauma Care.


Epworth Community Services is a registered charity, a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and an Institution of a Public Character (IPC). 


Strong Families, Resilient Living, Beautiful Minds.


To reach out in Christian love, by providing quality programmes and services to all children, youths, parents and their families, of all language, race and religion, and nurturing each family member in body, mind and spirit.