Epworth Family Welfare

To promote mental well-being, the programmes and services of Epworth Family Welfare are aimed at addressing at-risk behaviours of children and youths. These programmes and services are designed to mend and build stronger relationships between family members, in particular, parents with their children and youths. The department works closely with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) on various fronts.


Family Guidance Order (FGO)

Epworth Family Welfare provides intervention programmes and services to help parents facing challenges in managing their children and youths below the age of 16 years old. These Pre-FGO programmes and services are designed to work with at-risk children and youths on their challenging behaviours; provide parenting skills for the parents; as well as build better family relationships. Under the Children and Young Persons Act (CYPA) passed in Parliament in 2019, parents and their children will have to attend the Pre-FGO programmes and services before they can seek further assistance from the Youth Court. (Click here for more information)

Parents can now use this link to register for an appointment with Epworth Community Services.  You will need to log in using your Singpass. Alternatively, you may wish to contact us at 6715 3732 directly to register for an appointment.

Project Dawn

Project Dawn was created to work with at-risk youths with various problem behaviours. This programme can be facilitated in small groups or with individual youth. Parents of at-risk youths will also be included at various points of this programme. Their participation is important and contributes positively to the progress of youths. Apart from in-house services, the programme can also be conducted in schools.