At Epworth, we are committed to safe-guarding the mental well-being of at-risk children, youths and families by helping them build skills for resilient living. We strongly believe in developing their potential and to set them up for success.   

Hence, we are looking for 750 Resilient Champs to join us in our work by pledging monthly.

As a Resilient Champ, you will: 

  • help at-risk children, youths and families build skills for resilient living; 
  • help to resource a sustained impact for these individuals, and ensure accessibility to the help they need;  
  • receive quarterly updates on the impact of your giving; 
  • have opportunities of partnering with us, e.g., volunteering, events and campaigns; and   
  • be eligible for 250% of tax exemptions.  

Thank you for joining the organisation in our work, and we look forward to welcoming you on board as a Resilient Champ!