Epworth Literacy

Epworth Literacy runs an aggregate of intervention programmes and services to help children with learning challenges and impairments so that they can cope with formal education.  In this way, children will not be left behind in their education and slip into delinquency. They will enjoy better mental well-being in their growing years.

Literacy Intervention Programme

Our Literacy Intervention Programme provides children with skills and strategies to overcome their learning challenges.  Our teachers help them to bridge gaps in their literacy skills so that they can catch up, and be able to read and write at the same level as their peers.  Children between 5 to 12 years old can enrol into this programme.


STAR is a behavioural modification programme that helps children (5 to 12 years old) who have social and emotional difficulties, and are unable to manage their own behaviours.  They tend to display inattentive, disruptive and impulsive behaviours.  Our intervention specialists will help these children learn skills and strategies to manage their own behaviour. Parents will also be equipped with appropriate parenting skills to reinforce the children’s learnings from the programme, so that they can manage their own children at home.

Audio/Video Book

Download the Audio Book here.