Join Us!

We are always looking for passionate individuals or groups of friends who want to make a change in society and build a better world for our children. Join us and get involved with any of our current programmes or activities!

Alternatively, have an activity or idea you want to implement? We want to hear from you too! Volunteers can choose to propose a new programme and plan a project on your own or with your group of friends. For example, you can help to plan and organise a Children’s Day outing packed with games and fun-filled activities.

Volunteer-driven Projects

You may help us by:

  • Organising activities & talks/lessons that are age-appropriate for our children/youths
  • Planning and organising events on special occasions such as Christmas, Children’s Day and National Day
  • Volunteering your time and effort at one of our departments – Epworth Student Care, Epworth Literacy, Youth Outreach Centre and Epworth HomeSweetHome
  • Organising learning journeys to attractions and places of interest for the children/youths

We would require a proposal on what kind of program you would like to run as we will need to forward this to the relevant departments for their consideration.

The proposal should include an overview of the following details:

  • Target no. of volunteers from your school/class
  • No. of participants you would involve
  • Venue, Schedule
  • Program outline (ie. Activities like Arts & Craft, Interesting lessons like Music or Games/Sports – What are the details? What are the objectives?)


We have several events each year such as Children’s Day Celebrations, Family Day, Flag Day etc and we welcome your support!

Ad hoc or One-off session


Database Management, filing etc.

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Adhoc or One-off session

We welcome corporate partners to volunteer with us. Your team can choose to be involved in any of our volunteer programmes or activities, or to design and organise a new programme for our beneficiaries. For further discussion on corporate volunteering, please email us at .