By Fyn Wong, Volunteer Coordinator of Epworth Community Relations

Project Lightbulb Bowling Party
At Project Lightbulb, not only do we help our students to achieve academic prowess, we also impart life skills through building relationships with them. We concluded Project Lightbulb with a bang last November. In groups of 5, our students and volunteers paired up to showcase their bowling skills.

Laughter and words of encouragement filled the air as everyone tried their best to avoid rolling the ball into the gutter. Time flies when having fun. Although it was a short two hours, it was a memorable morning for our students and volunteers.

Storytelling and Dance Workshop
A group of volunteers from NUS Indian Dance organised a two-days storytelling and dance workshop for our students last December. Our students learnt about Indian folk stories and were taught enchanting Indian dance moves. Two of them even took it upon themselves to show the volunteers their own favourite dance moves and music!

The workshop ended with a mini performance by our students, alongside the volunteers, to showcase what they have learnt. It was more than just an exchange of culture; it was also an exchange of passion for dancing!

Volunteers’ Appreciation
Despite several changes over the past year, from contact to non-contact volunteering projects, our volunteers adapted well and continued to serve our beneficiaries.

To thank all of them, we invited them to a cosy appreciation dinner. Keeping to their small groups, the volunteers had fun playing games and participating in quizzes. Everyone enjoyed themselves, not forgetting the delicious food. We also had 5 lucky winners who took home gift vouchers. At the end of the dinner, we were heartened to hear our volunteers share about their well-wishes for Epworth in the coming year.