By Amson Tan, Intern at Epworth Literacy (Jurong West)

My internship at Epworth Literacy (Jurong West) was a fulfilling one. I was exposed to many working elements and insights on working with children who have learning difficulties. Through observing and interacting with them, I have learnt that despite their learning difficulties, they were truly like any other children, all playful and bubbly.

With multiple prior work experiences, this opportunity was truly one above the others. Teachers here exemplify the values they aim to cultivate in their students beyond classroom contexts – to strive for cooperation. It was heartening to see the teachers work together to deliver the best possible results for their students.

I used to think that being a teacher was easy. However, experiencing first-hand the sheer amount of work needed to be done behind the scenes to curate the best materials and teaching experience for the students has completely debunked my misconceptions.

To the teachers and staff who provided me with this opportunity and guided me along the way, thank you!