By Madam Rohaya and Mr Jasni, Foster Parents at Epworth Foster Care

Madam Rohaya and Mr Jasni have been fostering since 2008. They have an adult son and a 12-year-old, whom they have adopted The couple shared that they became foster parents because they love children. At present, they are foster parents to four foster children, who are between the ages of 6 to 15. The foster children are from different families and have different developmental needs.

“Being children, they would misbehave from time to time,” Madam Rohaya explained. “But we chose them to be our family, so we should guide them to do the right things.” Amidst the demands for being parents to six children, Madam Rohaya and Mr Jasni are each other’s greatest support. They are incredibly proud of the children for caring and helping one another. as we wanted to create a safe place for our foster child to be in.