Interview with Rayan*, Foster Child under Epworth Foster Care

14 year-old Rayan began his volunteering journey in Ren Ci Home in 2018. He enjoys spending time with the elderly, especially when he has the opportunity to listen to their stories. He is constantly amazed by what they had to share, attentively gleaning nuggets of life advice whenever they did.

Being in the Values-In-Action Club in his school gave him the platform to do what he always wanted to do – contribute back to the society. “When people give back to the community, it makes our community a better place, and it strengthens and unites us.” Rayan also provided a timely reminder for all of us that we should never take what we have for granted – an advice he learnt which he still holds dear to his heart.

Rayan was not from a privileged background. He came under the Fostering Scheme at Epworth Foster Care in 2005. At home, he helps his foster parents wherever he can – from sweeping the floor to doing the dishes. He also enjoys having long conversations with his foster grandmother, always displaying an eagerness to learn.

Despite the lack of a complete and supportive natural family, Rayan defied the norms. On 16th November 2019, he was presented with a commendation award for achievements in the academic field, as well as in the sports, arts and character development at the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s (MSF) Foster Family Day.

Rather than allowing his background to define him, he used it in his favour to make him a stronger and better individual. Rayan humbly attributed this achievements to his foster family – the role models who got him to where he is today. Receiving this award further spurred his motivation to continue contributing to the society.

The battle chose Rayan; Rayan chose to become better.

Thank you to all foster families for providing constant support to our children. Your valued contribution is vital in building our children’s future. Most importantly, thank you to all children for having the strength to be the person that you want to be. Each one of you is amazing.


*Name has been changed to protect the child’s identity.