I signed up to volunteer with Epworth Community services as I have always felt strongly about adoption and fostering. Through this volunteering experience, I became more aware of the need for foster parents. While I was volunteering at the roadshow, it was heartening to see that there were actually quite a number of people who genuinely wanted to become foster parents. I met a lady who had even specially requested for a half day off work just to come down for the roadshow as it was something that she really wanted to do. Meeting people like her really touched me; to know that there are people out there with such kindness in their hearts that they are willing to open up their homes and lives to children whom they have never met.

I would recommend volunteering with Epworth to my friends and families as the work that they do helps children at a crucial stage of their lives where they are easily influenced by their surroundings. A foster family can potentially provide the love, care, guidance and parental figures that the child may otherwise lack and help shape them into the best that they can be. It is because of these reasons that I find the work that Epworth does so important, and will definitely encourage people around me to volunteer their time.

Shiree, Volunteer at Foster Care Roadshow