By Cecilia Yip, Programme Coordinator of Epworth Student Care (ACSP)

Students in SCC@ACS(P) had a memorable Mid- Autumn themed September holiday. Enrichment Programmes conducted over the span of the week-long holiday were centered around the festival.

To kickstart the week, students were introduced to stories associated with the Mid-Autumn festival, to learn about its origins. They were also treated to a mooncake and tea tasting session. It was a wholesome experience!

Next, as part of the Character Development Programme, students were educated on the term ‘togetherness’. They learnt about the significance of maintaining good relationships with our closed ones – an important element of the festival. In reinforcing this value, they made photo frames out of ice-cream sticks in the shape of a house. The students invested a lot of effort to create a lovely photo frame home.

Undeterred by the strict safe management measures, the teachers came up with a series of team building games. The students worked up a sweat during the game of Treasure Hunt and other mini games such as Charades and Word Searches.

As part of an Art and Craft activity, students were delighted to be able to design their own lanterns using a variety of materials. Many eye-catching and interesting designs were created, and they were most eager to bring their lantern home to show their family. It was not only a fulfilling September Holiday, but an educational one too!